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The first Portuguese stage winning award at the World Championship of Magic.Vice World Champion of Magic – FISMMonte Carlo Grand Prix Winner – Magic Stars

PhD, appointed as honorary Professor of the Academy of Magical Arts, South Korea

Mandrake d’Or

Since he was very young, he has had a very special taste for impossible things…!When his parents offered him a Mickey Mouse Magic Box for his sixth birthday, he was delighted and, all alone, he worked out the instructions and performed each trick for his family. After a few tears from the fledgeling performer, his family responded with a promising enthusiasm. Since then, he has collected and studied every TV program, book and article about magic that he could get his hands on.In his magical research he was fortunate to find and become friend of several well known magicians like Dick Marvel (who advised him about a lot of important things), and Fred Allen (the one who made him decide that he would love manipulation forever).

Some years later he wondered what the general public would think about his abilities and at the age of eighteen he decided to participate in a local contest for young talent, he won the First Prize

Our Magician performed a beautiful and elegant act. He delighted the audience making doves appearing from silks and playing cards from his empty hands; he performed a classical Chinese linking Rings routine and finished by creating a huge snow storm from a few pieces of paper.

This was his first contest, and it was a resounding success.

He started to believe that nothing was impossible.

In 2000 he made his first television appearance. He answered a few questions about his blossoming career and performed a small card manipulation routine. He had been asked to appear by the most prestigious Magician in Portugal, Luis de Matos, which was a huge honour.

One year after he was Invited for the 1st Macau International Magic Gala (Macau). It was his first internationalization and when He started to dream about a professional career.

His performances were never the same. He was unable to choose one speciality to develop at the exclusion of others. He wanted to learn more and practise all kinds of magic. He was never satisfied with his shows. Each show was for him an opportunity to improve and test himself, as well as to connect emotionally with a new audience.

He would perform anywhere and under any circumstances, continually setting himself new goals. “I needed to constantly challenge myself to keep the magic fresh and alive”, he says.

Once he made the decision to be a professional Magician and not merely an eternal amateur steeped in theory, he knew he had to pin down his love for the art into a single act, or two, which he could then work on perfecting.

So he assumed two distinct performance ‘characters’. The first was a classical and elegant performer; the second, a hapless and unfortunate victim of his own magic. The latter is an unusual and surprising approach to the magical persona, but it is the classical act which he performs for his larger shows in Portugal, and which has now taken him all over the world.

After winning a top prize at the FISM World Championships of Magic, he has been invited to appear on several television channels and well known Greatest stages, not only in Europe but also in America and Asia.

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