Foundation Architects


AK Sharks lays the cornerstone of your business journey in Portugal.


We are client-focused, facilitating connections with potential investors, providing legal services, and offering personalised support.


This is crucial for businesses looking to establish themselves in a new market.


We ensure assistance from the initial setup phase to full-scale operational management.

Spectrum of Services


Legal | Mitigating risks and protecting your enterprise’s compliance.


Research | Understanding the needs of a CEO and discovering a way to differentiate your services.


Networking | Granting access to a strong network of investors and providers.


Integration | Delivering services such as language support or cultural training.

Lisbon and AK Sharks


This city as a unique position as a growing hub for international businesses and startups.


We have the best strategic location, talented workforce, and welcoming environment for entrepreneurs.


Trust and reliability are key in this industry.


Our expertise and integrity have always shined through in every interaction.



Pricing Structure



We pride our operations on a flexible and transparent pricing architecture, meticulously tailored to align with the diverse exigencies of our clientele.

Our remuneration model operates on a dual-framework basis:



Contingent Compensation:

For select services, we engage in a percentage-based schema, wherein our recompense is commensurate with the scale and scope of the capital deployed and the subsequent business achievements.



Fixed Fee Structure:

For other predefined services, we uphold a fixed price arrangement, providing our clients with predictability and assurance in financial planning.



This bespoke financial approach is exclusively available to our esteemed AK Virtual Office Members, a testament to our commitment to fostering a symbiotic business environment.





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