Minko Gechev

About This Project


Forbes Bulgaria 30 under 30 in Science and Technology.


Technical lead & manager for Angular DevRel at Google, author, and speaker.

Awarded by Google and the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for impactful and influential open source projects and publications. The first laureate awarded in two categories in the contest “John Atanasoff” of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Author of the best selling book of Packt Publishing “Switching to Angular.”

Interested in theoretical computer science, developer relations, developer outreach, software design and architecture, purely functional user interface, type theory, computational theory, category theory, graph theory, and web technologies.



  • Presents technical topics about Web and open source.
  • The Future of the Web – a technical talk discussing the direction the Web platform is heading and the business implications
  • Security and privacy. The implications of recent security standards.


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