Myriam Taylor

About This Project


FORBES 100 Women Founders &  Winner of the Women in Tech – Best Ally Award Europe


Human Rights Futurist| Design Thinker| MIPAD 2020 Awardee


Myriam Taylor Co-founder of Muxima Bio, has a very rich personal path, either because of the several challenges that she has embraced throughout her life, either by the encouraging family and social environment in which she grew.

From Angolan origin, she has first traveled during gestation to escape the war, the wanderlust being one of the mottos of her journey. Her first passion was the theatre and with 19 years old only she decides to go to London to study at the oldest theatre school, the Rose Buford. Always an exceeding student for her enthusiastic personality, for her ideas and the passionate way in which she delivers herself to the challenges and causes. In the professional scope Myriam puts into everything she does that same enthusiasm and passion that characterise her, giving birth to each new challenge as if it was her first.

Being a part of several artistic developments, Myriam has for more than 25 years involved herself intellectually and technically in the production of socio-political projects in countries such as France, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, Angola and Portugal.

Globetrotter and a philanthropist par excellence, she makes sure to perform with a social conscience in all the initiatives she has ever been involved in, and Muxima Bio is no exception.

Her vast international professional experience is a result of the broad and enterprising personality which leaves her mark wherever she is and goes. Muxima Bio is a passion of her, a dream fuelled by the need to meet a personal requirement and that soon became a mission which begins to fructify, bringing together all aspects of her personality and career into a cause, a conscious business that is turning into a movement!


Keynote Speaker on Several Topics:

–  Sales Motivational

–  Innovation
–  Social Change
–  New Governance
–  Accountability in Leadership
–  Social Innovation
–  Humanising Tech

– We need to code the best of Humanity into the Web3 and the Metaverse
– Culture of Accountability
– Innovation through fostering diverse and inclusive teams
– The co-creation of the collective towards the resolution of existing problems as the only way towards the paradigm shift.
– Dismantling Unconscious bias
– Work Life balance
– Microaggressions in the work space & how to foster inclusive environments


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