About This Project


She is at the moment one of the most charismatic national DJs, giving rise in others to a sudden desire to discover who is after the DJ behind the project, or who is the DJ who started it all in Alcântara Mar.
An intense and appreciated course that has led her to become a DJ at national reference clubs such as the Kompanhia Club, Industria Club do Porto, Pacha, Kapital and the BBC.

For example. It was also an international tour, which went through Rio de Janeiro on a tour, in Paris, in Rimini through Luanda and also in Zurich.
She shows us a passion for music, growing up, from the times when she accompanied her brother also DJ, learned to feel and read the tracks, accepted the challenge of being W’s managing partner, he was a resident DJ, And happens to be a reclaimed Guest DJ.
In 2006 she was awarded by Dance Club and Maxmen, making cover of the magazine, revealing from there her House Music beyond borders. Already in 2004 had received from the Portugal Night Awards the award for DJ Revelation.
The band has also played a number of roles with her, Masters at Work, Laurent Garnier, Martinez Brothers, Martin Solveig, Rob Di Stefano, Dimitri From Paris, Dj Yellow, Silicone Soul, Steve Lawler, Andy Caldwell, Ida Engberg and Anané.
She is consolidating a career also punctuated by the frank interest that some brands have manifested in accompanying it, being a DJ that already represents brands like Colcci, Zara, Salsa, Hugo Boss, Tous, Nuno Gama, Mercedes, Tiffosi, Swarovski, Swatch, Elisabetta Franchi, Pinko, Rimowa, Chilli Beans and Gazprom.
To highlight his most recent performance in the Rock in Rio Lisboa 2012 in the electronic tent Heineken, being the first Portuguese female Dj to achieve this feat.
She is also the ambassador of the PRO Dj music school and the renowned brand of Ice-Watch watches in Portugal.
She is a unique Portuguese DJ, born in Namibia!

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