About This Project


She was born in Mozambique and she wanted to be a sculptor, instead but she took a jewelry course.


In the early 1990s she started playing music and has been a resident DJ at Lux since its opening in 1998.


Our most international DJ is a true citizen of the world. She was born in Maputo, Mozambique, but came to Portugal at the age of seven. She studied jewelry and worked in London with the designer Tom Dixon.


Back in Lisbon, she started putting music at Fragil, and was still part of the Da Weasel’s first line-up.


She made radio at XFM, signed collections such as ‘Lisboa Gare’, and produced her own name for Atlantic Jaxx, the publisher of Basement Jaxx.


She has played and continues to play in clubs, both inside and outside Portugal, as in Madrid, Berlin, London and Luanda.


She is considered the best national DJs and Le Cool Lisboa, wrote that she “occupies the highest diplomatic position of representation of the Afro-American music of the Lux”.


They say she have an eclectic taste and refined sense of style, as well as a keen readability of the track, allow you to maintain a guiding line that interweaves all the differences in the name of the party.



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