About This Project


He was born in 1986, the son of a Portuguese mother and an Angolan father. He shown interest in music, following world-class singers such as Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and Whitney Houston, always enriching their musical culture.

In 2010 he started as a festival producer in Lisbon, and since then he has grown up in this branch, organizing parties in the most diversified houses in Portugal from north to south of the country and Angola. Mario, Omarion, Fatman Scoop, Black Coffee, Djeff Afrozila, were some of his guests attending these events.

He begins his adventure as Deejaying in 2012, where he starts his course at a school in Lisbon. From this fortunate meeting, resulted a strong connection motivated by a complicity and musical affinity mirrored in this project.

When he enters the cabin he performs an electrifying performance that infects and distributes good vibrations by the audience.

Young, beautiful and irreverent he spreads an explosion of sonorities in his performances. The scope of his sets, centered on the satisfaction of the audience that hears him and inspired by the surrounding environment, focuses on a sound mix that wanders through World Music (Afro House, Hip Hop, Rnb, Kizomba and House Music & dancehall).

In addition to Deejaying he is a Portuguese mannequin, having already paraded for reference stylists like Nuno Gama, participated in events from Fashion Lisbon, Portugal Fashion, Angola Fashion Week and cooperated in some VideoClips.

He was recently invited to join Reality Show “The Fifth”, being one of the most beloved and audience-supported participants, winning a diverse fan base for his humility and charisma.


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