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Redefining Street Art

Though saying a lot about his art and technique, it’s far from explaining the whole concept behind his work.


Born in 1976, currently living in Sintra, near Lisbon, Portugal, he is among the most respected urban artists of the country and in Europe.


He’s been around long and consistently enough.


Initially studied and worked as a graphic designer, known by his obsessed originality, but was rarely able to express all his bursting creativity through the design market.

Fifteen years ago, he chose to dedicate his attention exclusively to art, particularly Graffiti.


An aerosol can gains new perspectives is his hands as fire, explosions, ink splashes and fast consistent traces mark a clear and revolutionary approach to street art, elucidating about what post graffiti should look like.


But growth and several influences came in the way, offering new connections and ways of expressing one global concept.


And as time passed his works became a bond between elements, street art, graphics, land art and watercolour filled with subconscious imaginaries.


Since 2005 he has been creating many different kind of events and actions pushing up the brand to seriosly Graffit Street Art new levels and he is founder of some of the biggest graffiti-street art events in Portugal and has travveled world around spreading is art.


Result: You don’t confuse these Artist work with anything you see anywhere else in the world.


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