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With an extensive list of performances in Portugal and abroad, they present an eclectic performance, with styles ranging from rock to house or folk, characterized by the energy they emit on stage.

In addition to the original tracks, well-known versions of songs are performed, with arrangements where the strings and percussion form an electrifying sound.
The group consists of Percussion and Violin.
In its live course, we can highlight well-known places like Pachá de Salou (Spain), Saluhallen (Sweden), Tamarai Club (Egypt), Goya Club (Switzerland), St. Trop in Lloret de Mar (Spain), Horta da Fonte, Green Hill, and events in large venues such as the Coimbra, Évora, Santarém and Algarve tapas, the Ocean Spirit Festivals at Santa Cruz Beach and Foz do Arelho Summer, 18th Anniversary of Group K at the Pavilhão de Portugal , among many others…
In 2009, they perform an international tour through countries such as Germany, Spain, Andorra, Egypt, Switzerland, and Sweden.
2010 begins with the success of a new song, followed by a collaboration with national names that the respective video clip remained on the top of the MTV Portugal hitlist for more than 10 weeks, arriving the group to be pre-nominated for the “MTV Europe Music Awards”, held in Madrid.
2011 brings another collaboration reaching the top 5 MTV Portugal and running on major national radio stations. Also in the same year is released a new theme and the respective video clip.
In 2012 they release the rework of a past song and kick off another international tour.
Currently, they continue on the road to give the audience their unmistakeable style and sonority!
They have performed on:
Ocean Spirit – Santa Cruz Beach (Portugal) Summer Foz – Foz do Arelho (Portugal)
Spring Break Festival – Torch (Portugal)
Dies Artis – Caldas da Rainha (Portugal) Fitness Convention – Lloret de Mar (Spain) Ovibeja – Beja (Portugal)
Évora Academic Week
Academic Week of Coimbra Week Academic of Castelo Branco Academic Week of Leiria
Academic Week of Mirandela Academic Week of Faro
Tamarai – Cairo (Egypt)
Saluhallen Club – Stockholm (Sweden) St. Trop – Lloret de Mar (Spain) Pacha – Salou (Spain)
Flash Back – Salou (Spain)
Green Hill – Foz do Arelho (Portugal) Kadoc Club – Lausanne (Switzerland) Goya Bar – Lausanne (Switzerland)
Bela Cruz – Porto (Portugal)
Pachá – Ofir (Portugal)
Pachá – La Pineda (Spain)


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