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Nadim is currently a lecturer at Nova School of Business and Economics where he teaches entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation for the Masters, MBA and Executive Education programs.

He is a Non-Executive Members of the Board of Esporão S.A., a member of the Strategic Board of the Research Institute for Medicines at the University of Lisbon, and member of the coordinating council of SEDES.

As a lecturer, his program on Innovation and Agility was voted – Best in The World – for 2 consecutive years by the CEMS Network, a Global Alliance of 27 Business Schools and 90 Corporations.

Nadim started his career in banking, in London, in 1986, before moving to Portugal where he was involved in founding, and later, the sale of companies in consulting, telecommunications and retail. In 2006 he started his career in academia, taking on the role of CEO of Executive Education at NOVA School of Business & Economics, a role he held until 2015, helping take the school into the top 30 in the world.

He is also a consultant and speaker in the field of organizational agility and high- performance organizations.

Also participated as a commentator of  the TV show “Shark Tank.” in Portugal.

Nadim Habib is Lebanese and Danish.



• Organizational Agility

• Strategy

• Economic Behavior

• Entrepreneurship Conferences

• Winning in Times of Change

• Leading for Organizational Agility

• Change and Management in Times of Uncertainty

• Where to Focus


Winning in a World of Change 

In a world of accelerating change, many organisations are struggling to find operating models that provide them with the agility to ensure their survival and growth.  In this presentation, Prof NadimHabib will highlight the causes behind the changes that are occurring in our markets and societies, and how this has hampered our ability to manage efficiently and with the predictability needed to justify long term investments. He will also share his research on how successful  organisations are dealing with this new business environment and what changes they are making to their operating and strategic models to ensure they are more agile, more resilient and more profitable.





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