Prof. Nadim Habib

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Nadim Habib 
Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics, for master’s and Executive Education programmes, Master (M.Sc.) in Economics by the London School of Economics and a born communicator.
International Speaker, Nadim Habib is also an international business consultant supporting in areas such as strategy, organizational agility, innovation and creativity.
Also participated as a commentator of  the TV show “Shark Tank.” in Portugal.
Nadim Habib is Lebanese and Danish.


Organizational Agility

Creativity and Innovation




Economic Behavior


Winning in a World of Change 

In a world of accelerating change, many organisations are struggling to find operating models that provide them with the agility to ensure their survival and growth.  In this presentation, Prof NadimHabib will highlight the causes behind the changes that are occurring in our markets and societies, and how this has hampered our ability to manage efficiently and with the predictability needed to justify long term investments. He will also share his research on how successful  organisations are dealing with this new business environment and what changes they are making to their operating and strategic models to ensure they are more agile, more resilient and more profitable.





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