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Emcee, Presenter, Announcer, Moderator


He is an expert in verbal communication with over 25 years of experience as a Presenter, Master of Ceremonies, Announcer, Moderator, Voice-Over Artist and Interpreter.


As a young man, he was a professional basketball player, but an injury sidelined him early in his career.


It wasn’t long before he undertook a career as announcer, presenter and interpreter for large basketball events, quickly moving on to other sports, such as football, tennis, swimming, American football, sailing and Formula 1, highlights of which include the Summer Olympic Games in Athens and London, 13 EUROLEAGUE Basketball Final Fours, European Basketball Championships, FIBA World Cup, FINA Swimming World Championships, NBA Europe Games , Davis Cup Final and the X Games


He also has a long trajectory in events for the the corporate world, where he has presented, facilitated or been a conference speaker for numerous companies and institutions, including Warner Brothers, Canon, Honda, Roche, Imago, Fox Television, Life Technologies, SEAT, NTT Doccomo, Red Bull, Nike, adidas, Huawei, Microsoft, Telefonica, HP, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Telefonica, Intel, IBM and the United Nations, to name only a few. Eddy has had the privilege of working with countless A-list celebrities, business leaders and politicians, such as Howard Schultz, Will Smith, Leo Messi, Michael Jordan, Mel Gibson, Morgan Freeman, Mariano Rajoy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cesar Alierta, Peter Drucker, Kobe Bryant, Ferran Adriá, Ken Follett, Salmon Rushdie or Edward de Bono.






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