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Public and Keynote speaker; musician; author; humanitarian



Building success; branding; commitment; Corporate Social Responsibility; music; anecdotes of her life and achievements


Joss Stone (Music)

From an early age, Joss Stone has been one of the most accomplished people in the music industry.  As such, she is able to deliver key note speeches on her career and life, as well as ‘rising to the challenges’ she’s faced within the music industry that are both entertaining and enlightening.

As a hugely successful artist both in the UK and internationally, she is able to draw on her experiences to talk with charm and wit on her success and motivation, as well as on her charity and humanitarian work.

Her charity work involved her being part of 2005’s Live 8 event, and she continues that spirit and devotion to campaigning as part of her work with One Young World.  Stone works alongside some of the world’s most inspirational young people, with a view to making significant changes throughout the world.

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