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CLUB JAZZ BAND appeared in 2003 and their sound is focused on Dixieland (or Traditional jazz) as played during the twenties and thirties in New Orleans – the home of jazz.

This fact is also reflected in the instrumental make-up of the band: cornet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, banjo, sousaphone and washboard. In the tradition of the old masters, the band performs acoustically the most famous songs of the era, including singing into a megaphone. The most genuine traits of the band, is their predisposition to the animation in addition to the musical performances. With humorous texts on stand-up comedy style, in all environments, Cottas can offer memorable performances, unique and with persistent good mood.

They are a group of Dixieland Jazz consisting of multipurpose musicians that adapt to act in times where Music, Fun and Happiness, flows hand in hand.

This band offers a jazzy repertoire of the 20s, but reinterpreted with the style that Louis Armstrong & All Stars imposed in the 50s.

The band is oriented to the Traditional Jazz and Dixie music, the one with the original and genuine style of New Orleans, the capital of Louisiana, birthplace of Jazz. Their wide repertoire includes blues, rags, marches, swings, foxtrots great classics like “Hello Dolly”, “Charleston”, “Mack the knife”, “I’ve Found a New Baby”, among others.

Their first performance was on May 2003. Afterward they have been acting and animating varied audiences, spreading and highlighting the Dixie Jazz, in its entire splendor with good mood and some irreverence.

Their musicality, mobility, happiness, relaxed and loose strand based on Dixie Jazz (New Orleans Style) is adaptable to most environments.

Besides the guarantee of entertainment, this group offers an odd artistic quality and usually represents Portugal in International Dixieland Festivals.

The Dixieland becomes like the source of pleasure and fun. In other words, they are above all, a group of young, talented, dynamic, devout, well-prepared… making the Dixieland a way of being, touch and animate.

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