About This Project

With only 8 years old our great singer entered the fado world and soon began to sing in several houses on the south shore, where weekly were made fado sessions.

He participated in the radio program “Time for New”, which went through several rounds but failed to reach the Grand Final; By this time he met Conceição Ribeiro, one singer, who rather liked to hear and thus proposed to introduce to him to the President of Alfama.

They were looking for someone to represent the Group in the Great Night of Fados, which was held every year in Lisbon Coliseum. Thus, in 1993, he arrived and won with relevant distinction the largest national fado contest in the category of youth, and with only 9 years old.

This victory was followed by a tour around the country and beyond its borders; having granted several interviews to local, national and international radio stations; his talent was seen and valued in the same year and he was invited by the publisher “Discossete” to record his first work.

Then he followed to the television where he participated in several programs.

In 1994 he was invited by French producers to participate in the European television series “Montre Moi Ta Ville”, broadcast by the channel two public television and other European channels.

Our Artist also entered in the film “Fado Maior Fado Menor”, from the renowned director Manoel de Oliveira.

He recently played in the musical show called “Amalia,” by Filipe Laferia in the role of Francisco da Cruz.


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