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The adventures of our acrobats had begun even before they started the sports school, where they had a strict selection.

This is where they met their present trainer who introduced them the world of sport acrobatics.

Years of hard work and the persistence in trainings gave them a chance for success both in Poland and Worldwild.

Having become multiple Polish junior and senior champions, as well as got medals at European and World Championships.

Having completed their sports career they decided to take advantage of gained abilities and created an amazing circus duo.

Duo Platinum is also a winner of the Public Award at the International Circus Festival  “Feux de la Rampe” Paris 2010.

Special award winners at the XII International Circus Festival – Warsaw 2011.

Bronze Klown – I International Circus Festival – Krakow 2013

Silver Prize – III International Circus Festival of “Kobzov” Kiev – 2014

They participated in shows in: Paris, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Switzerland, Spain, England, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, India, Indonesia, Mexico … Poland

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