About This Project

She is a great female DJ and she fills any dance floor with soulful house music. 

This DJ was born and raised in San Rafael (Mendoza, Argentina) and is now resident in Barcelona (Spain).
This year she will be in charge of the music on Pure White party!
Born in Argentina, with strong artistic influences from childhood, in different areas, such as painting, dance, architecture and music especially studied fashion design and textiles at the University of Buenos Aires.

Already installed in Barcelona, in 2011 she meets a DJ Academy, where she takes a course that give her the tools to start her career as a professional DJ.

Always under the motto of not betraying their musical taste, which is passionate, entertains afternoons or evenings where she is carried away by the atmosphere and audience, together they make special events.

With deep house, soulful, house and harmonious vocals to touch pieces of tech house.

She has taken her music to private events, nightclubs, bars, beaches, fashion events, radio broadcasts in Spain (Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid), Italy and Argentina.

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