About This Project



This Show of “Aerial Dance” is a fusion of dance, circus and theater wrapped in an atmosphere of magical poetry!


The show is perform by two multidisciplinary artists combining choreography, acrobatics and interpretation in their performances, creating shows with a great visual beauty, that immerse the viewer into a magical world of fantasy.


They have a long professional experience, and an international career having performed in over thirty countries, and to all audiences, always getting a big


Our male Artist began studying classical dance at the age of six years in Ballet School of Lorenzo Godoy in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. At sixteen he was a solo Artist of the Ballet de Las Palmas, directed by Gelu Barbu and created his first choreography for the company. He also studied contemporary dance and Modern – Jazz.


Our female Artist began studying classical dance at the age of five, in Barcelona. His teacher was the great Ramon Solé, who trained her as a professional. She also studied with Max Hita from the Modern Jazz and Contemporary Dance with Lawrence and Anne de Maeyer Mittelholzer . She worked as a dancer in the company Wanderings, and as a teacher in various schools of Ballet in Barcelona.

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