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Prize Zirkolika 2013 for best emergent company in Catalonia!


He discovers his animal instinct transforming the stage into an Animalarium!


A story that shows the uncontrollable force and connects us to our deepest animality.


Transgenic bodies, handstands, acrobatics with heels, spoon in the nose, rooster fight, ritual dances.


Welcome to his world!


The Show want´s to encourage the wild and illogical within the audience, and try to put light on weird routines off modern life.


The audience studies the behavior of the artist, not unlike a visit to the zoo, a tidy context where something savage might be safely glimpsed.





26, Finland he started to perform when he was seven. Since then he have performed with aerial rope, acrobatics, tap-dance, street dance, classical music, origami, juggling and magic. He is also a koffein-alkohol-drug free modern world enthusiast and multi-instrumentalist playing and composing classical and electronic music with for example piano and electronic instruments.

Year 2009 he was founder of tapdance-theater company “Ryhtivika” . He have studied circus in Koulutuskeskus Salpaus in Finland and DOCH (University of Circus and Dance in Sweden) with the dicipline rope and 15 years of studies in classical piano, musictheory and other subjects in Music-institute of Kauniainen and Conservatory of Lahti.

People recognise him by his long legs behind his neck and fakir tricks like spoons in the nose. He get inspiration from animals, geometry, classical and electronic music and anything urban that is developed of pure interests for the thing itself.





29, Spain. He is a searcher of balance, sound, percussion, clown, animal movement and astronomy.

After the studies in the circus school Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona where he specialized in handstand, he went to the north, where he did 1 year at LIDO (circus school, Toulouse, France) and DOCH (University of Circus and Dance, Stockholm, Sweden) were he finish his studies with the diciplines of handstand and acro-dance, were he was granted Sophie Hulten’s circus scholarship.

He let the themes of gender and animality inspire his work.




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