If you don’t need a physical office to perform your duties, this is for you.

Get fully established with a local presence in Portugal, extend your business and elevate your brand.

Google, Amazon and Zalando are moving here, Daimler and Uber are already here, so should You!


We created this Virtual Office Membership for entrepreneurs, companies, nomads, freelancers or if you just want to increase your business with an official office in Portugal.

Gain the trust of your customers without the expenses of a physical address.

Having a profissional business address will keep your home address safe from prying eyes


We value your Money so that you can work from Anywhere

For any new Member you bring to the Virtual Office you get one month free

Just 3 Easy Steps and you´re a Member

Step 1 | Fill out the form with your information

Step 2 | Make your Membership Payment

Step 3 | Receive the signed contract

And that´s it! Begin to experience your Business Getway to Europe




What Members Say

Easy reachability

High reliability

Promptness of service

Aggressive pricing

Excellent customer support

Unique members benefits

Variety of Services

Large Business Connections

Quality Management


Our Members also have benefits that will help your personal and business needs.

Take a look at what we can offer, this extra services are not included on the Fee for the Virtual Business Office:


* Access to the AK Group Tax Advisers

*Access to the Receiving Office Mail Service

* Access to the AK Group Lawers

*Access to Business Sharks for Mentorship & Strategy

* Access to the AK Group Marketing Department for Press Releases & Social Media

*Access to the AK Group Design Department for Templates & Presentations

*Access to the AK Group Web Design Department for Website & E-mail

* Access to High End Portuguese Media

*Access to Business Elite Social Events

*Access to the AK Group Health Insurance



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