Yasser Omar

About This Project


Yasser Omar works in quantum information science and in the physics of information.

He studied Physics at IST, ULisbon, and obtained his PhD at the Centre for Quantum Computation at the University of Oxford, in the UK.

He is the founder and leader of the Physics of Information and QuantumTechnologies Group, at Instituto de Telecomunicacões.

His research interests lie in quantum computation, quantum networks, and the physics of information. He is also the founder and director
of the Doctoral Programme in the Physics and Mathematics of Information at IST, University of Lisbon.In the last 7 years, he was won 1 American and 7 European research projects related to quantum information. In 2020, he founded the startup Y Quantum, devoted to quantum technologies. Since 2018, he has been interested in disruptive new solutions permitting underwater seismological and environmental sensing in real time, as well as their applications to better understand climate change and to improve the reliability of tsunami early-warning systems.

In this context, he has been at the inception of project LEA – Listening to the Earth under the Atlantic, a joint venture of Instituto de
Telecomunicações, IPMA – Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, and IDL – Instituto Dom Luiz, launched in May 2020.

Current positions


Ph.D. in Physics, Centre for Quantum ComputationDepartment of PhysicsUniversity of Oxford, 2003
Physics Degree [Licenciatura em Engenharia Física Tecnológica], Instituto Superior Técnico, 1998


Director, Doctoral Programme in the Physics and Mathematics of InformationISTUniversity of Lisbon
Coordinator, Minor in Quantum Science and Technologies, ISTUniversity of LisbonIntroduction to Quantum Information and Computation


  • Computação Quântica, incluindo Quantum AI (possível forma de futuro ataque às redes informáticas)
  • Criptografia Quântica (possível solução contra o cibercrime.
  • Internet Quântica
  • Sensores Quânticos
  • Tecnologias Quânticas e Sustentabilidade Energética.


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