Unique Fado Trio – Violin & Guitars

About This Project


In the heart of Portugal emerges a trio unlike any other, melding the soulful laments of Fado with the harmonious strings of a violin and two guitars. Anchoring this group is a passionate violinist, her bow dancing over the strings, bringing to life melodies that resonate with tales of longing and love. Flanking her are two masterful guitarists, their fingers strumming and plucking the age-old rhythms that have echoed through Lisbon’s narrow alleys for centuries.

Together, they create a symphony that is at once hauntingly familiar and refreshingly new. Their unique sound is a tribute to the traditional Fado houses, where stories of fate and despair are sung with raw emotion, yet they infuse it with a fresh vibrancy, ensuring its legacy for generations to come.

Each performance is a journey. From the bustling streets of Porto to the windswept cliffs of the Algarve, the Fado Strings Trio invites their audience to embark on an evocative voyage, where every note tells a story, and every song is a testament to Portugal’s rich musical heritage. Experience Fado, not just as a genre, but as a feeling, an emotion, and a legacy, all through the strings of this remarkable trio.

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