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About This Project

The Band Sound of Lisbon is Portuguese, but also African, Indian and South American.

Musicians from all over the world deliver a unique sound!

Rock in Rio invite them to perform this year, this shows that they are more than a musical project.

It is a space of integration of people with very different lives and cultures; inclusion through music.

After a year of rehearsals and concerts on stages such as St. Louis, Aula Magna, Rock in Rio or Gulbenkian the first album was out finally.

“We want to be a meeting point. All musicians who come to Lisbon come to us. We are an open laboratory”

Fourteen musicians from Europe (from Portugal to Italy, passing through Romania, United Kingdom and Germany), Africa (Cabo Verde, Guine-Bissau, Mozambique) and Latin America (Brazil, Argentina).

On this project you will listen to the sound of a sitar, the djembe, the kalimba, the double bass, trombone, keyboards and guitars, and the stories of each.

Here the music speaks louder!

Our band will show you a trip around the world, between originals and versions of popular songs (such as the Neapolitan ‘Jesce Sole’ or the Indian ‘Ankhon Mein Tum Ho’).

There are a Romanian popular theme, Bollywood and a version of african-Cuban band Irakere.

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