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The Mentalist

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Fusing Storytelling and Mind Reading he creates a genre of his own where, as you laugh and gasp, your perception of reality is twisted.


Awarded as spoken word artist and writer, acclaimed by his original and powerful illusions, author of five one-man shows in the past five years he is a multi-talented performer.


He performs regularly at the prestigious Magic Castle, in Hollywood, and at the world’s largest art festival The Edinburgh Fringe. He performs in some of the best venues around the world.


Our Talent specialized his work within the theme of memory and mind reading, giving seminars on how you can dramatically improve your memory.


Along with the public shows, he’s also invited to private and corporate events.


“Hi’s magic is fast cool and deceptive.
Above all that, he’s utterly charming.”
Andy Nyman
(Kick-Ass 2, Derren Brown)

“Thank you for the amazing show!”
Jeff Johnson
(The Simpsons)


“The show stand out amongst the rest. They are sober and intelligent, for intelligent people. It’s like Jack Sparrow.”
Filomena Costa

“Hi´s work represents a step forward in the mentalism world. He creates a very unique atmosphere of entertainment by combining an intelligent and poetic plot with overwhelming impossibilities.”
(World Champion Magician)



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