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Very low energy consumption … 

Maximum comfort – Maximum integration with the environment …

Concept and Philosophy 

The Crystal Dream offer their occupants a sense of well-being, security and serenity.
The idea is to share experiences and the one-night stand with a view of the stars in comfort and safely.
The Crystal Dream is eco-designed in harmony with the environment. The concept is above all not to harm the environment.

The implementation of the Crystal Dream is completely reversible and does not degrade the natural places where we can install them. The devices developed by the manufacturer were thought to leave no trace of their passage ..
These products can be customized in shape and arrangement. This innovative concept offers many and varied possibilities. View of light at sunset or exposure to the Stars, are all these scenarios that can provide occupants unforgettable memories.

There are three elements that create the unusual feeling that people get with the Crystal Dream: 

1. The curved shape that resembles a protective cocoon or womb of a mother.
2. The pressure inside the ball is slightly larger than the outside (which keeps the ball-shaped) as an anti-cyclone to establish itself on the ball.
3. No need to talk so loud and out. The sounds on the ball back into the interior. Outside sounds are reduced. To be heard, we need only whisper.
Spending time in a bubble is a real and unique experience.

There are no limits to our Crystal Dream, whether on the beach, in the snow, in the countryside, in the mountains or in the water you can do an event with our Crystal Dream, what counts is not the place but the creativity of our customers … 

Our Crystal Dream will drive events such as receptions, product launches, incentives, exhibitions, weddings …
Our structures are made to successful events whatever the weather!

All our products allow you to create your own space. Our range of Crystal Dream is completely modular, different sizes and designs, can be combined and mixed according to their needs and wants … Our only limit? Your imagination! 

The lights, effects and lighting arrangements will allow to be used in all kinds of events: parties, fashion shows, gala dinners, exhibitions, private views, incentives, product launches, showrooms, sales promotions, TV studio / radio, night accommodation overlooking the stars, etc … 

Our company offers its experience, know-how and professionalism.
All our Crystal Dreams are quality handmade products. The materials used are very sturdy and will ensure a long product life.

Completely transparent, the Crystal Dream transforms your natural spaces in real rooms for unusual nights and enjoy nature in all seasons.
Its design was made specifically to offer an amazing closeness to nature and enjoy the landscape comfortably within the protection area. Its transparency gives a nice feeling of freedom.

The Crystal Dream Room model is a variation of the Crystal Dream dedicated to accommodation may work with a room with more privacy for couples. This cozier version offers all the comforts of a hotel room and allows its occupants to enjoy the outdoor landscape, without third-party looks.
In fact, more than 240 ° is preserved by an opaque ring … Thanks to the Crystal Dream Room is possible to spend nights looking at the stars in privacy …

Unlike other models that promote maximum interaction with the environment, the Sensitive Crystal Dream relies more directions. Less open to the outside and more focused on the individual, this model offers a more intimate environment. Free from the monotony of everyday life customers are immediately dominated by a sense of well-being and relaxation. 

An original creation, the Crystal Event Dream is a model designed exclusively for the event area. Its unique design will create a space that will delight your guests 

The Crystal Event Dream is a more comfortable version of the Cristal Dream Room. Higher, which is complemented by a smaller bubble, which allows the installation of a bathroom. So, you can spend an afternoon and a night in complete isolation in this bubble. A real cocoon and a true suite hotel.

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