About This Project

Smoking Hot!


Our Artist is a professional Tango Dancer with a multidisciplinary career difficult to find in an Artist!
Her vocation is to dance, to move and to study the different body mechanisms of control.



  • Classical Dance – National Dance School Maria Ruanova , Buenos Aires
  • Training in Contemporary Dance – Teachers Barnills Cristina , Cristina Pardo& Marina Giancaspro – Buenos Aires
  • The School of Theatre integral IFT Buenos Aires – 4 year Certificate of National Actress
  • Training in classical dance and studies with private dance teacher Caride Rita , Gloria Caffda & Luis Baldasarre – Buenos Aires
  • Studies of Stretching and de la technique
  • Applied Biomechanics al Movement ” based on the study of the anatomical Blandine Calais – Germany
  • Training in theatrical and artistic performances
  • Course Voice & Movement
  • Studies of Tango Salon – Teacher´s Mingo Pugliese, Stella Barba & Juan Carlos Copes – Buenos Aires
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