Star Sax

About This Project


Experience the mesmerizing talent of ‘The Star Sax,’ the premier female saxophonist for corporate events, conferences, and MICE gatherings. Elevate your next event with her soulful performances that blend sophistication with unforgettable melodies. Book ‘The Star Sax’ today and transform your event into a standout celebration.


Our sax musician is a talented saxophonist with a master’s degree in Saxophone
Performance, she has established herself as a versatile musician, enchanting
audiences worldwide with her extraordinary talent and captivating stage


She has been recognized as a laureate of international awards and
has participated in prestigious competitions.


She boasts an extensive repertoire spanning classical, pop, jazz,
and bossanova genres.


Her performances are characterized by a unique blend
of styles, showcasing her versatility and ability to create unforgettable musical


Whether it’s a soothing classical melody or a groovy jazz tune,
she brings her own artistic touch to each performance.

Also she  has collaborated with renowned orchestras, adding a touch of saxophone magic
to their symphonic compositions.


Her seamless integration of the saxophone into
classical works has earned her critical acclaim and delighted audiences.


She had the honor of performing at a United Nations meeting in Egypt.

Through her music, she united cultures and promoted harmony on an
international stage.

As a recipient of international awards, she continues to inspire audiences and
fellow musicians with her exceptional artistry.



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