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Pedro Barroso became known as an actor in TVI’s juvenile series: Strawberries with Sugar Series with the role of Mario, where he made romantic pair with the actress Inês Aleluia (Aurora) where he remained until the 6th season that eventually brought him to the limelight.


He participated in the series P.I.C.A of RTP2 where he also entered his colleague of the Strawberries with Sugar series 5: Ângelo Rodrigues (Luis).


The doors opened for the youngster and Pedro eventually entered a mini-series on TVI where he played the role of Miguel in Immortal Destiny, a vampire because it was the fruit of a relationship with a vampire and a human.


Miguel (Pedro Barroso) and the vampire Sofia (Catherine Wallenstein) starred in this bet of the independent station.


Pedro then entered the soap opera “Meu Amor” – TVI that won an emmy – the first one won in Portugal – and where he played Jorge, a revolted young man and where he showed all his versatility, proving that he could make the most diverse characters that appeared .


The young man, then became assiduous presence in the fiction of the channel that has bet very in the promising actor.


Nuno in the TVI soap opera “Seduction” was one of the most recent projects where he played a young boy in love with Vitória (Margarida Vila Nova), but due to some mishaps he goes into the arms of Rita (Sofia Ribeiro).


One of his last works was like Miguel in Sweet Temptation, where he interpreted a villain who falls in love with Hope Mariana Monteiro and tries to conquer it, however, in vain.


At the moment Pedro enters the new bet of TVI, World to the contrary, where it interprets a drug dealer and addict in women, César. In the field of cinema, he has participated in “Pop Dreams” and “E Amanhã”, the latter being an independent film with a true cast of luxury that more recently submitted to several Portuguese competitions and not only with the aim of promoting the same .


In 2013 Pedro enters TVI’s soap opera, Perfect or Imperfect as Miguel Vargas Mota, where it is played by two women who are Belinda, who is played by Kelly McCartney and Catarina, who plays, also where he is a very womanizing, fun man, Selfish, egocentric but of good heart.


Pedro Barroso is a promise in the artistic world, already participated in cinema, television and although with a short life has a race quite fulfilled. It is contracted to enumerate photographic productions, publicity and presence by the country.


2004: Tell me about Love (TVI): David
2007: P.I.C.A (TV): Pedro
2007: Criminal (short film): Killer
2008: Strawberries with Sugar (TVI): Mário Moreira
2009: A Place to Live: Manuel
2010: He is She an episode (TVI): thief
2010: Destination Immortal (TVI): Miguel Nabuco
2009-2010: My Love (TVI): Jorge Vargas
2010-2011: Seduction (TVI): Nuno Baptista
2010: My Alien (film): André
2011: And tomorrow (cinema): Miguel
2012: Sweet Temptation (TVI): Miguel Vieira da Silva
2013: World to the Contrary (TVI): César Pina
2013: Dancing with the Stars (TVI): Contestant
2013-2014: Perfect or Imperfect (TVI): Miguel Vargas Mota
2014: Sea Water: Igor (RTP1)
2015-2016: The Only Woman: Rodrigo Dias (TVI)

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