About This Project


A Unique Magic Show!


The company was born in 2002 , with the purpose of updating and dignify the magic show!


Since its inception, they collaborate closely in the creation of original and spectacular projects that take them to international recognition.


They are hired several times by Chinese cultural authorities to act on the lavish celebrations of the Chinese New Year in Beijing.


Its uniqueness has led them to participate in important and prestigious international festivals of theater, circus and magic of Europe and Asia.
This magic show work with a high creative level. You can say that have reinvented the old art of creating illusions.
Our Magician made ​​his professional debut in 1978 in the Spanish town of Barcelona.


In 1983 already own a company and premiered his first show in the theater Regina Barcelona.


In the XV National Congress of Magic, held in Huesca in 1988 , he is awarded with the ” Grand National Honours of illusion .”


In 1991 launches a new show traveling circus and magic , with which performs six exciting seasons.


They have collaborated, among others, with the prestigious theater company ” Els Comedians ” .


This Show has been presented on various European TV channels!



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