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“Los Vivancos proof they are avant-garde!”  Revista Por La Danza y AISGE
“They will triumph. They shall walk on water.”
“Science fiction-like choreography! Extreme Rhythms!”
Por La Danza
The Note Book
Revista AISGE
“Princes of flamenco!”
“It’s flamenco like a Hollywood action movie!”
“Los Vivancos. Revolutionizing The Artistic Panorama”
Dormir de Cine
“No room for conventionalism with Los Vivancos!”
“Nothing is Impossible”
A Golpe de Efecto
“Don’t miss it!”
Lets Bonus
El Nacional Online
“Aeternum. A flamenco super production!”
El País
Daily News
El País


After carrying their first show ‘7 Brothers’ over 35 countries and performing in front of nearly a million viewers, Los Vivancos return like you never seen them before with their second production AETERNUM, a show that explores the limits of the paranormal, the supernatural. A story about good and evil that fuses flamenco with ballet, martial arts, tap dance and magic.
AETERNUM brings together art and virtuosity with great visual and scenic effects. Choreogra- phed and directed by Los Vivancos, Aeternum features a first class international creative team. It will leave you breathless.


The music of the show has been composed by Los Vivancos. The arrangements, orchestration and music production are by Fernando Velázquez, composer of important movie soundtracks such as The Impossible or The Orphanage (nominated Goya for Best Soundtrack) In Aeternum they fuse flamenco music with rock, classical music and film sounds, the score recorded by Budapest’s Symphony Orchestra with more than 100 musicians.


AETERNUM is a dance and visual performances which represents a new step on the creative process of Los Vivancos.
AETERNUM turns the impossible into art.


AETERNUM is a metaphor of the immortality that art gives man.
Angels, demons vampires… Music, dance, martial arts and magic form a show framed in the mysterious aura of the fantastic. AETERNUM brings together art and virtuosity with great visual effects.
The show blends flamenco dance with ballet, contemporary dance, folklore, martial arts and tap dance. It fuses flamenco music, rock and classic to introduce the audience to the great movie soundtrack sounds though a score recorded by Budapest’s Symphony Orchestra.





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