Jorge Andrade. “I thought I was invincible until I got the injury”

He started at Estrela da Amadora, made a name for himself at FC Porto and was part of the Portuguese team at the unforgettable Euro 2004.

Jorge Andrade presents a talk about a career full of stories.

He trained with Fernando Santos, who is the national coach today, and on the first day he was called up.

He started by walking to training, the stadium was small but it had a special atmosphere that he loved.

He had an immediate relationship of trust with Pinto da Costa and continues to be someone he admires.

With Scolari, who was World Champion, he found a person who motivated him and made him row in the right direction.

His career was marked by a serious injury that cost him the 2006 World Cup, this is one of the topics covered in his motivation and overcoming talks.