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“Unbeknownst to many, the human is currently making an evolutionary choice between maintaining its humanity or abdicating that humanity to the machine. In a sense, we have stepped out onto a metaphysical intersection—head down in devices—without having looked both ways, unaware of the accelerating machine about to blindside us. On the line is not so much our biological lives but rather our essential lives, the expropriation of freedom, of love, of soul. This age marks the coming digital takeover of human consciousness, perhaps the most pressing issue that humanity has faced in the entirety of recorded history. How we choose to walk our present path will seed the oncoming future. There is still time. Heads down in devices, or heads up in awareness?”


John Mack is an American artist, photographer, author and founder of the Life Calling Initiative. A frequent speaker at conferences and universities on the subjects of technology, awareness and consciousness, Mack’s examination of these topics will culminate in A Species Between Worlds: Our Nature, Our Screens, an interactive visual art experience exploring humanity’s current migration from the natural world to the virtual world, debuting in New York City this fall.

Most of John’s time is spent developing his newest material: a map of human consciousness that illustrates the analogous phenomenon of inner realities and outer, digital worlds. In the same way a map helps pinpoint a subject in physical space, his model helps pinpoint a subject in metaphysical space. Rather than constituting just a personal development tool, the model is meant to be available as an instrument that can be used and developed in multiple fields, such as psychology, anthropology, spirituality, sociology, politics, personal development, relationships, and more.


The Life Calling Initiative works to raise awareness of who we are as a species and as individuals, and sets the importance of such awareness over the backdrop of the Digital Age. As a thought leader on the subject of the digital takeover of human consciousness, John Mack offers workshops and lectures for a variety of ages and venues.



  • AI – A new era?
  • Tech – Maintaining Humanity
  • Becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable of  Tech
  • Technology, awareness and consciousness



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