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Public and Keynote speaker; books; TV; founder of Peace One Day; actor; filmmaker



Leadership; making a difference; making an idea work; taking an idea to another level; International Non-Violence Day; world peace


Jeremy Gilley

Following a successful acting career, Jeremy Gilley began making his own films, and in 1999, he founded the non-profit film project Peace One Day.  It documented his own efforts to establish an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence.

Following his campaign, a General Assembly resolution was unanimously adopted by UN member states in September 2001, and it formally established 21st September as the UN International Day of Peace.

Peace One Day campaigns in education, music, film, sport, dance and over the internet, and their activities have proved that the day works.  Since it was established, millions of people all over the world have been active on Peace Day, and organisations have been able to carry out important work in areas of conflict.

Gilley and Peace One Day ambassador Jude Law spearheaded a campaign in Afghanistan that has resulted in providing polio vaccination to 4.5 million children who would otherwise have been unreachable.  The main objective of Peace One Day is to make Peace Day self-sustaining, where there is global unity and cooperation that hasn’t been previously known.

On Peace Day 2011, Gilley launched Global Truce campaign – a worldwide effort to mobilise the largest number of individuals in the name of peace with the view to measure the reduction in world violence.  His vision involves building a series of networks, enabling organisations to be inspired by each other’s Peace Day plans, and he is looking to develop a method of measuring just how successful his campaign is each year.

Galley’s role involves raising awareness of Peace Day, including organising concerts attended by some of the biggest names in music and making documentaries, which are viewed globally.  As a result of his efforts, Galley has spoken at a number of high profile events, and won numerous awards.  He has also written a children’s book.

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