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Over the years he developed his own technique of playing this instrument and his playing has by far not been reached by anyone in the World.

The Glass Harp consists of 33 wine glasses, filled and tuned with water.

He was born in the Czech Republic as a farmer’s son. In his beginnings he played Accordion and Piano until he finally found „his“ instrument, the Glass Harp which he plays now for over 20 years.
The spherical sound of his music is bewitching, seems to be from outer space, unbelievably made. When he is playing you can feel an incomprehensible and mysterious, almost unreal atmosphere and his music leaves the astonished audience speechless.
He is known world wide, not only through the Skoda Superb Spot (2010) but also because of his TV appearences. In January 2012 he was invited to play at the Jonathan Ross Show, UK and wowed the nation.
More than 70 events all over the world are evidence quite enough, for clients in Amsterdam, Sydney, Moskow, Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, London, just to name a few locations, booked by International Event-Agencies, for e.g. Airlines and other major companies. Even the film industry has already discovered his talent, and he has been involved in the music of two European feature films.
If you talk about him and his music, superlatives are the vocabulary you have to use, you want to use.
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