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About This Project


The singer dedicates the 2017 tour to education through Music, and the dissemination of her beloved country – Portugal.
Her music has for a long time reflected her passion for her country and her language, and also her desire to take Portugueseness further.
In 2014 she celebrates 15 years of career and sees her merit recognized through the invitation that is directed to her from the Ambassador of the Celebrations of the 8 Centuries of Portuguese Language.
In July of 2015, among other concerts, she promoted the closing ceremony of the Celebrations, in partnership with Centro Cultural de Belém, and counted on luxury guests such as Ivan Lins, Paulo de Carvalho, Aline Frazão, Celina Pereira and Joaquim de Almeida.


The year culminates with a 10-day tour in the United States, where she had the opportunity to materialize several workshops and Fado classes, together with some of the most important North American Universities, and in Turkey.


With the invitation of the Portuguese Embassy and Instituto Camões, she opens the prestigious “Sefika Kutluer” festival in Ankara.
In 2016 she travels through Portugal and abroad, taking her concert to more remarkable stages.


The highlight of the prestigious Lowell Folk Fest in the United States, which considers her the best concert of the 2016 Edition.


2017 will be the year of release of her 3rd album.



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