Dueto Douro

About This Project


Embark on a melodious journey with ‘Dueto Douro,’ Oporto’s enchanting musical duo.


Comprising a virtuoso pianist lady and a captivating singer, this dynamic pair brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene.


With a repertoire as diverse as the Douro River is long, they masterfully blend genres ranging from the soulful rhythms of jazz and the sultry beats of Bossa Nova to the timeless appeal of greatest hits.


Specializing in creating the perfect ambiance for corporate events in Porto, Dueto Douro has an uncanny ability to adapt their performances to client requests, ensuring each event is uniquely memorable.


Whether it’s a subtle background melody for a formal gathering or a lively performance to energize a gala, these talented ladies are the ideal choice for any occasion.


Their fusion of various musical styles, combined with their passion for performance, makes Dueto Douro not just performers but storytellers who capture and reflect the vibrant spirit of Porto in every note they play.


Let Dueto Douro turn your next event into an unforgettable musical experience.


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