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Her versatility in knowing how to make the dance floors pulse around the world with her mix of House Music and the best hits of the moment, make this artist a sure win on any event worthy of her presence!


Originally from Moscow, she is, without a doubt, the International DJane most requested by fans of the dance scene who never decline a magnetic presence in the DJ booth.


Well known for her passion for music and her performance skills, she can take the audience on an authentic musical journey, knowing better than anyone how to look at the dance floor and feel what the party people want to hear right at that moment.


Always keeping the party alive and the dance floor at its hottest is her strong point!


In recent she conquered the world having played in the majority of countries where the electronic music circuit is currently mandatory.


Europe, Africa, Asia or the American continent are scheduled destinations to this DJane who already gathered a good few thousand fans scattered throughout the four corners of the world.


– Portugal

– Spain

– France

– Belgium

– Luxembourg

– Germany

– Poland

– Austria

– Czech Republic

– Croatia

– Slovenia

– Romania

– Hungary

– Cyprus

– Switzerland

– Russia

– Kazakhstan

– Indonesia

– Taiwan

– China

– Macau

– Lebanon

– Israel, Brazil

– Dominican Republic

– Cape Verde

– Mozambique

– Morocco and Angola are no exception and many more destinations felt and soon will feel the bold and brilliant moves with which she leads the audiences in the events she performs.


Elected the favourite DJane for Playboy events, she is a constant presence in the parties of this brand.





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