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It is common that the bio of a DJ begins with some kind of reference to play instruments since the age of 6 or attend classes of erudite music since the 5.


In the case of this Dj, there is no record of such deeds, but it is mandatory to mention that, much by paternal influence, music has always been something fundamental in her identity.

And so it was common for her to switch from normal age games, for hours and hours lost back from CDs, his K7s and magazines, from her favorite artists whose lot went from one extreme to the next, whether pop, heavy rock or electronic .
The need to express this side of her identity and her curiosity for music, led her early to become involved in the world of clubbing and DJing, greatly reinforced by an active participation as raver in the early days of the dance music scene in Portugal , still in the mid 90’s.

The passage inside the cabin took place, as in so many cases, in a natural and inevitable way, in a party of friends in May of 2003, in Bairro Alto.

From that moment, the invitations begin to emerge to give way to the innate passion and talent then discovered. In her 10 year career, she plays in clubs and events such as the famous Afters from Paradise Garage, Lisbon Parade, W Disco, Queens, Marginal (Madeira), Coconuts, The Loft, Hit Club, Sunsets Not Only Water, Tamariz, Jezebel , BBC, Lollipop, Queima das Fitas of Coimbra and Covilhã, Seven Vilamoura, Sasha Summer Sessions, among others.

In the decade that already leads to living in a booth, the most striking feature of her approach to the mission of giving music to others, is undoubtedly an unusual ability to bridge the gap between more accessible styles and others more underground, the fruit of a musical culture Who has never been very interested in being cataloged or limited in genres, and of an uncompromising and independent approach to dance music.

That’s why the list of DJs with whom she has already shared posters includes a “who’s who” of national dance music of the last 15 years, such as Pedro Cazanova, Daveed, Gilvaia, Geninho, Poppy, Magazino, Felix da Cat, Pedro Tabuada, King Bizz, Heartbreakerz, Xl Garcia, Luís Leite, among others, and a wide range of international players, such as Dennis Ferrer, The Martinez Brothers, Mark Doyle, Timo Maas and Jamie Lewis.

She guides the dancing public from deep-house to house to techno, and back “home” with a Joy, positivism and fluency, which for those who contact with their work for the first time, become disarming.
For those who have not yet had this chance, all this would be little more than words in a paper, were not the important distinctions that already cement what we refer: in 2007, sees her work be recognized with the award of DJ Revelation 2006 attributed in PortugalNight Awards.

And in 2008 it is named by in the category of Best Female DJ.
But there is something that speaks louder than any list of names or enumeration of distinctions.

Something that is difficult to define, but that who saw her cry tears of joy and already of saudade, at the end of its last gig before having its daughter, knows what it is.

Someone who sees the smiling and bright faces of those who leave the club at the end of their performance, understand.

For her, to be a DJ, to indulge in music has nothing to do with wanting to focus on oneself or to inflate the ego.

It is a way of life that is dedicated to the soul, is an extension of what is, something that is not described or read, is something that feels.

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