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Dave Stewart


Known for:

The Eurythmics; The Ringmaster Show and Album; Multimedia Innovator and Entrepreneur



Dave Stewart, as well as being a musician who’s sold over 100 million albums, is seen as one of the most accomplished multi-media entrepreneurs in the music industry. He is best known for his work as a producer and singer/songwriter but is also highly renowned for his work as a director, filmmaker, author, photographer and philanthropist.

Weapons of Mass Entertainment (WME) is a company born of his passion, linking media of all forms to creative ideas and the people behind them. WME was described by The LA Times as a “media company for the new world”.

His innovation as an entrepreneur didn’t stop there, as he worked with Paul Allen, Microsoft’s co-founder, to create The Hospital Club and, in 2010, released his book on business, The Business Playground. The Hospital Club is a members’ club and multimedia creative centre, based in London, that is continuing to successfully grow.

Dave Stewart, as part of his philanthropic efforts, is a very determined charity campaigner and has taken action to raise awareness and support for a wide range of charitable causes.

As an acclaimed public speaker and motivator, Dave regularly advises corporations, CEOS and Board Members on creativity and innovation. He inspires and moves audiences all over the world with talks on his life experiences, ups and downs and making a success out of seemingly unsuccessful goals.



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