Dance Mood Band

About This Project

Our Singer started to sing and perform from a very young age, she initiated her singing career with her brother and quickly became part of popular bands, performing all around the world.

Her energetic performances and interaction with the crowd is one of her highlights, apart of her vocal range. She is very versatile and sings all genres of music. when you watch her perform you will notice she will give her heart and soul into singing.

Her last project called made her very popular and an expert in the corporate and wedding industry, now she started a new band concept that have a number of formats and combinations to suit everyone’s tastes and events such as:

Acoustic duo (Guitar, Vox)
Duo with backing tracks
Trio (Acoustic duo with a Sax player)
Five or six piece party band

Being for so many years in the music business , the singer got a large knowledge of quality musicians , she only work with the best in the market.

She is perfect to host any kind of events (galas, weddings, corporate…) designed to cover all styles of music to assure that everybody at your event are happy and having an unforgettable time on the dance floor. no event is too big or too small and each show is performed with massive enthusiasm, professionalism and a great Energy!!!

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