Cristina Vaz Tome

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Member of the Board of EGTA the European Association of TV & Radio Saleshouses.



With more than 20 years of experience, Cristina held positions as:


  • Chief Revenue Officer of Impresa Group, a media conglomerate, owner of SIC TV channels and Expresso newspaper.


  • Board Member of RTP (the public service broadcasting organization of Portugal).


  • Executive Director of the European Funding Program in Portugal


  • Senior Manager in charge of Climate Change & Sustainability practice at KPMG


  • Process Engineer at Volkswagen, among others.



Cristina is Industrial Engineer by education with an MBA and invited lecturer of Ethics and Social Responsibility at Universidade Católica Portuguesa since 2010.




  • Sustainability


  • Business Ethics


  • Costumer Service


  • Motivation


  • Mental Health




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