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Our Artist a guitarist , singer and songwriter with a natural talent for music.
The rich variety of influences that nurtured his music, distinctive character and personal style are hardly classifiable within a particular genre , however , some describe it as an evolution of traditional music to the African American pop / rock , raised from a more modern perspective , with a fresh, innovative & dynamic sound.
From a young age , awakens a clear interest in the guitar , an instrument through which begins , naturally, to express their artistic concerns. Using a self-taught with reference to internationally renowned guitarists like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan , Mark Knopfler, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Page , Carlos Santana , Buddy Guy , Brian May, etc, he focuses on the study of technique , harmony and other musical aspects such diverse styles as blues, jazz, rock or funk .

Shortly later, he began to frequent the city halls playing for famous musicians of different ages and genres with whom he interact , sharing not only a hobby but also a stage and musical knowledge. During this stage, he acquired great experience , perfecting his technique and becoming a regular star of jam sessions and other events. Soon he starts playing hard in the circuit!

After several years playing in different formations he start´s his solo career.
It soon becomes apparent the need to use all that experience and resources acquired over time and translate them into something out of a much more creative way.

He get into the world of composition . His songs are based on own experiences and reflect a very personal way , feelings , thoughts and daily concerns of an artist with much to say and with whom the audience feels easily identified .
After moving his acoustic music seeing the positive reaction of the public on the direct and encouraged by the good reviews of professional musicians and their environment, in December 2010 he embarks on the recording of which will be his first solo album ” First Steps” .
During the recording of this album he counted with the collaboration of prominent musicians of the music scene as Javier Vela ( Social Security) on bass, Lucas Jimenez ( The Presets ) on drums Sebastian Crudeli ( Manolo Tarancon ), mixed and mastered by Fernando Boix and Raul Abellan .

After several months of acoustic, electric concerts and various collaborations , he embarks on the most ambitious project undertaken to date, is Trio Band. From the formation with bass drums , this new formation created as a bold proposal to bring to the public , both his own music , as versions of known numbers such as “Wait Until Tomorrow ” and ” Little Wing” songs that have always accompanied and undoubtedly influenced in a special way throughout his artistic career and allow it to evolve as a musician and guitarist.

Currently , he is dump in the preparation of which will be his second solo studio : One of the great advantages of is live show is its adaptability to all types of scenarios and public , having several formations:
• Acoustic : The more intimate format , conceived a priori dimensions for small rooms and limited capacity. (guitar , vocals, keyboard & guitar)

• Power Trio: Training dynamic electric , designed for all types of rooms and settings. (guitar , vocals, electric bass & drums )
• Full band: Is the most comprehensive training , aimed at big events and scenarios rooms or large size . (guitar , vocals, battery, bass, keyboards & guitar)
or extended with other guitar, vocals , section brass, strings…


Endorsers :
He is currently endorser of the brand guitars ” Vanz “.

He take the direct two models of high quality handmade:
– Custom Vanz ST 0002/2008

– Custom Vanz ST 0004/2008

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