Cordas do Destino – Portuguese Guitar & Viola de Fado Unique Duo

About This Project



Introducing the “Cordas do Destino Duo” – A Captivating Musical Journey


Invite your guests to experience the enchanting sounds of Portugal with “Cordas do Destino Duo,” a unique musical ensemble that combines the mesmerizing tones of the Portuguese guitar and the soulful strums of the viola de fado.


Perfect for any corporate event, this duo offers an immersive journey into Portugal’s rich cultural heritage through their dynamic and heartfelt performances.


Each note played by the “Cordas do Destino Duo” is infused with the history and passion of traditional Portuguese music, making every event unforgettable.


Whether you are hosting a gala, a conference, or a sophisticated social gathering, this duo will provide a sophisticated backdrop, elevating the ambiance and leaving your guests in awe.


Book “Cordas do Destino Duo” for your next corporate event in Lisbon and let your guests be transported by the timeless beauty of fado music, played by two of the finest musicians in the city.


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