About This Project

Dose of optimism!


He is a child with an adult body that does not stop running just to entertain audiences of all ages!

His great skill and spontaneity, combined with clowning, juggling , clavas balls , guns, knives, an umbrella, and delirious energy balance are the keys to this show that has been around the world.
With a keen sense of timing allows you to detect the right time to trigger laughter.

Improvisation and humor are the keys that open the door to his magical world of games and rhythm.
Our Artist is dedicated to the circus and theater arts for over 20 years.

He is always moving and growing , from Japan to Argentina from Spain to Italy, etc.

His background in theater has been enhanced with the amazing and wonderful world of clowning , juggling and music.
From the streets to the stage, his “successful failures ” free laughter both children and adults.

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