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Blessed Show!



Four National Awards:

  • Fira Tarrega 2003
  • Feten 2003
  • Loja, 2006
  • Santa Eugenia Festival 2008


Touring around the world:

  • France, Italy, Portugal, UK, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium, Romania, Greece, Holland, Canada, China, Venezuela, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Argentina



It´s a show where will merge two worlds:

  • Flamenco in its different facets, song, guitar and dance
  • Circus with a wide range of disciplines, juggling, acrobatics, balance, clown


Flamenco and contemporary circus – The key is the beat, as accurate as intuitive mathematics, which provides a gentle, spectacular and unique fusion of flamenco guitar and dance with juggling, acrobatics and clowning.


Six artists on stage where different paths merge!


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