Carioca Chords Trio

About This Project


Energetic Brazilian Trio: Dance to the Rhythms of Brasil!


Dive into the pulsating heart of Brazil with our electrifying trio, bringing together traditional beats and contemporary flair in a symphony of sound that’s impossible to resist.


Led by a vocalist whose unparalleled voice is matched only by their magnetic stage presence, we guarantee a performance that will lift you off your seat and set your feet in motion.


From the sultry sambas to the invigorating hot and speedy bossa nova rhythms, our ensemble is a testament to Brazil’s rich musical heritage.


Every performance is a celebration, an invitation to dance, and a promise of a night you won’t soon forget.


Experience the spirit, energy, and passion of Brazilian music, delivered by a trio that plays not just with instruments, but with their very souls.


Join us, and let’s set the stage alight!



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