About This Project

The beautiful result of the combination of excitement and innovation!


The skin moves, the look is transformed, the senses awaken when the change occurs!


She is a Circus Artist specialized in:

  • Aerial acrobat
  • Acrobatic in the ground
  • Vertical and balances
  • TrapezeDance


She has performed with:

  • CircCric, Cia
  • Ytuquepintas
  • Entre chienetloup
  • Le théâtred’un jour, Cía
  • Insoportés
  • CircoGranFele
  • CollectiveSkin


In 2000 she discovered the world of circus and she continued her training on ECRogelio Rivel, and other European places like Toulouse, Paris, Bristol

In 2003 she started in the world of dance.

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