About This Project

The freedom Show!


She is as Artist that had always been fascinated by the notion of life’s experiences, she often find herself siting on the trapeze feeling the wind on her face!

Always more attracted to the animal movements that to the quotidian life and with curiosity to discover new creative ways to life.
She was very interested in the physical expression and that lead her to discover circus; performing, traveling around the world and later training in the school Circomedia (Bristol) and in the Master in NPP with specialization in Circus Doch ( Stockholm).

Our Artist has been performing with the company No Fit State in the Show Bianco, where she create the solo show “I live”, resulting from the collaboration with the director Firenza Guidi.

Recently she had created her personal project “Twisting the Balance”.


Show – Twisting the Balance
Every part of our body is full of memories, such as sounds that survive in the silence or that articulate words that fall into the void without affecting the space.

This piece comes from the desire to make the public participate into this journey: in one hand, there is the violence that we face in our lives and, on the other hand the pursuit to find out pleasure, as that emerges as an antagonist character in the story of our life’s.

Her concern is to address the language of circus from another point of view and to approach a dramatic structure by interrogating new subjectivities.


Show Pause in the Air
This performance plays with the moments of pause, sharing with the audience a magical moment in which the body breath and pause are confronted with the fluidity and dynamic of the choreography during the rest of the show.

Looking for the proximity with the audience this show’s character is integrated into the surrounding space when discovering, moving and flying.

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