A Show not to be missed! Four National Awards!

A Show not to be missed! Four National Awards!

It’s a showwhere they willmergetwo worlds; flamenco inits different facets, song, guitar anddance andcircus withits wide rangeof disciplines, juggling, acrobatics, balancing, clowning, circus and contemporary flamenco.

The Show key is the beat, as accurate as intuitive mathematics, which provides a gentle, spectacular and unique fusion of flamenco guitar and dance with juggling, acrobatics, clowning.

Six artists on stage with different paths merge, such as their elegant and tipical Flamenco scenery at different levels!

A Show not to be missed!


Four national awards:
Fira Tarrega 2003

Feten 2003

Loja 2006


Touring around the world:

France, Italy, Portugal, UK, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium, Romania, Greece, Holland, Canada, China, Venezuela, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Argentina

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