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Before starting the activity, the group is subdivided into two or three smalls groups depending on the number of people.

Each group is given three vegetables and fish or meat.

In addition, each group is given 5 cards to BUY PRODUCT and another 5 cards corresponding to CONSULTANT.

Furthermore, there is a common basket of basic ingredients such as oil, sugar, salt, etc..

At this time, each group has to decide which dish they want to prepare to present to the jury.

To run the plate may need products that they do not have and then have to spend a card corresponding to BUY PRODUCT.

Also, it may want to make a dish that does not know the technique or method and then, they have to use a card of CONSULTANT.

They have a certain time to finish the dish and present it to the jury. The group should explain why they had made that dish, the techniques used, etc



The goal is to see who is the natural leader of the group. Above the group, a person will decide which dish to make and will coordinate the rest.

Also, see how the group accepts this leader. We will see if the leader is able to move the group or whether lacks the tools to coordinate and manage.



If the group does not accept this leader will react differently to how he would react if the leader was able to interact with the rest.

Another aspect is to prove how the leader delegates or not to others.

If the leader has the idea of what he/she wants to do, he/she should be able to delegate to the colleagues and not doing him/her everything.

After that time, one of the group, almost always the leader, explained to the jury the plate and be penalized for all the cards they have used.

The leader should explain why they have chosen this dish, techniques, how they are organized, etc.

With all these parameters, the jury will select the best group according to the coordination, ingredients mixture, teamwork and the final product.

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