About This Project

Let the show begin!


Member of the prestigious Society International Brotherhood of Magicians

Communicates in Spanish , Catalan and English .
He has performed for celebrities such as Morgan Freeman and The Right Honourable Jordi Pujol.

He propose unique experiences, because for him magic is not a goal, it is a way!



From close-up magic is said that among all the specialties of illusionism , the greatest impact is the cause.

The short distance between the artist and the public is a factor in favor of the show.
This work, evolving and shooting after hundreds of performances, proposes a flexible program of amazing effects using coins, cards, notes , balls, spoons, rendered objects, etc. .
Classic, new games and personal conception up an impressive repertoire suitable for all audiences .

Create a magical atmosphere where viewers constantly collaborate and take center stage in the conduct of the games.
The feeling that you are contemplating an impossibility arises spontaneously and directly, no lights, no music, no attachments are used … just talent.
Merges the striking of stage magic with the powerful force of close-up magic .
Communication and dynamism are the dominant tonic of a repertoire that manages to be funny, intelligent, and of course magical.
The collaboration of the audience is always patent, the action follows a highly participatory, where all participants – employees and groups – create a fascinating environment of intrigue and magic.


It´a show that synthesizes the magic path of our artist, from its beginnings to the present, which has not forgotten the original idea : to create the illusion .
Presents various magical specialties such as handling , escapism , mentalism and other facets of illusionism .
Varied repertoire , drawn from years of practice.
Use colorful objects : strings , scarves , bottles, boards, sponges, newspapers, even elements that brings the public .
Humor and fun are the pillars on which this work is based .
For the design of the effects that take place have been taken into account several factors : audience profile , scenic possibilities and interactivity with the audience.
The intention is not only to demonstrate skill, is to communicate different types of emotions : shock, disbelief , stress, joy, intrigue and hallucination among many.

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